Benefits of Food You Love

0013729e47711277fbf137Food and drink affect us physically and emotionally. Choosing a special treat with the right properties might mean boosting more than just your taste buds.

Healthy Effects of Strawberry Daiquiris

Strawberries are a natural antioxidant and can actually promote stomach health by preventing ulcer formation and gastric illness. Paired with alcohol—like in a strawberry daiquiri—strawberries are actually more effective according to the BBC report “Alcohol makes fruit healthier” on a recent study.

Mood Enhancing Chocolate

Satisfying and a natural aphrodisiac, chocolate gives a natural high both emotionally and physically. Methylxanthines in chocolate stimulate nerve impulses, while pheyethylamine triggers endorphins in the brain. The silky smooth texture of chocolate is soothing and delicious. Eating chocolate is a pleasant experience for most and can actually improve one’s mood.

Boosted by Banana Bon Bons

bananasThe carbohydrates and B6 in bananas allow the brain to absorb tryptophan and convert it into a mood-lifting hormone called serotonin. Potassium found in bananas benefits muscles and nerves making a great snack for anyone stressed or tired. Bananas naturally boost energy.

The simulation of endorphins is produced in your brain just by eating foods you enjoy. These hormones in the brain cause a natural high. Choose foods you enjoy and benefit by lifting your mood in the process. Be mindful not to overdo levels of sugar and caffeine in order to avoid a temporary high and crash later.