Exploring the Cocktail

The classy cocktail drink contains a broad range of mixed drinks. Cocktails are a popular American drink, but originated in London. From sour to sweet, there is something for everyone on a cocktail menu. To fully experience the unique taste of each drink you must find a bar specializing in cocktails and using quality ingredients.

cosmopolitan-cocktail-224224Different cocktails originate from all over the world. Be bold and try a new flavour the next time you order a drink. Here are three diverse mixes to try–if you haven’t already:

The Cosmopolitan

Classic cocktail and girly drink, this pink vodka-based drink is a staple. When mixed by a master, the sour and tart flavor won’t be overdone by the sweetness. bellini A pink cosmo is a drink for the elite socialite and popular in Manhattan.


This cocktail is elegant and sweet with the right mix of alcohol and peach. Savor the taste of summer with the Bellini. This famous drink was originally mixed up in Venice in 1934. rusty-nail

The Rusty Nail

Made with whiskey and drambuie the Rusty Nail is a traditional Scottish cocktail. The honeyed flavour of the drambuie contrasts the bite of the wiskey. This drink is best served on ice.