Guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is very walkable, making it easy to enjoy all the area has to offer. During the day, Edinburgh has many great attractions for visitors, such as touring the Edinburgh Castle or strolling the Royal Botanic Gardens. Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, also lies within Edinburgh’s city limits and climbing the volcano makes a great day trek. Edinburgh also has amazing nightlife and many of the clubs and bars are found within beautiful historic buildings.

Housed in a beautiful Greco-Roman building, the Dome offers fine aristocratic dining in the city center. The Vintner’s Rooms off of Leith is an old-school wine house that features a wide selection of wines, as well as seafood and French cheeses. Before or after seeing a play at the Edinburgh Playhouse, The Theatre Royal Bar located just a few blocks away is a great place to get a drink and enjoy the French-style decorations. If you enjoy fine dining, Scotland’s own world-renowned chef Mark Greenaway has a restaurant inside one of Edinburgh’s premier clubs, No. 12 Picardy Place, which buzzes with Edinburgh’s elite every day of the week.


If you are looking to spend a good time in the after hours, Edinburgh has a lot more to offer. If you are looking to drink a great cocktail you might want to hit up the Missoni bar (Mixology master classes also available!). The Genting Club in fountain park offers a late bar, restaurant and all your favorite casino games. The Genting Club has quite a classy ambiance and quite an innovating setting, also offering visitors to play blackjack online. Membership is not required even though you are able to register in advance through their website. The Liquid Room on Victoria Street delivers live music and an opportunity to bust your moves up until 3am.

With a big mixture of dining places, clubs, bars, casinos, theaters and dancings, Edinburgh has been awarded the best UK city for entertainment for over 13 years and has been placed 8th on the list of cities for ‘best quality of life’ across Europe.