Hawke & Hunter Redesigned, Restyled, and Renamed

hawke styleHawke & Hunter was formerly the popular late night hangout for Edinburgh’s elite. Recently redesigned, restyled, and renamed as No. 12 Picardy Place, the venue has retained its classy clientele while infusing its cocktail and restaurant offerings with the talents of famous Head Chef Mark Greenaway. No. 12 Picardy Place offers a cocktail and whiskey bar, an outdoor Secret Garden, a boutique hotel, fine dining restaurant, and more.

In recent months, this popular spot has received acclaim for its classic yet understated décor, its gourmet food, and its wide assortment of top-shelf liqueurs. Despite its redesign, the venue has retained its spot as one of the top nightclubs in Edinburgh’s for those seeking a more upscale and classic experience.