Interesting Foods and Flavours that Trigger our Brains

chili-peppersPeople are inundated with advice about what kind of food to eat. From foods that will fight free radicals to those that contain the best nutrition for the heart, there is something to eat that will fit the bill. Now it’s time to add one more category to the list of nutritional choices that should be included in everyone’s diet. There are many foods that show promise when it comes to stimulating the brain. While this is important at any age, consuming these foods could have a major impact on the aging process. Typically, the brain shrinks with the passage of the years. Many people struggle with loss of clarity and memory, Alzheimer’s being the biggest threat. Eat the following brain-stimulating foods on a regular basis and it could be possible to stay sharp.

Always Remember Protein

According to, proteins are like a power house for the brain.Protein is key in providing the body with amino acids. In addition to building muscle and burning fat, these amino acids will actually enhance the production of dopamine in the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that has a positive influence on many aspects of the body, including weight management, the production of energy for the body, and optimal functioning of the brain. Sources of protein should be organic, free from dangerous additives and chemicals. Legumes in combination with grains, eggs, fish, soy, lean, red meat, and turkey name only a few excellent sources.

Load Up on Seeds

Many seeds can have a positive impact on the brain as well. One type of seed may really surprise consumers. Cannabis seeds act like a shield for the brain and nervous system. The alpha linoleic acid in these seeds can actually enhance the production of cell membranes. It also boosts myelin production. Myelin is the coating on nerve cells that assists in the transmission of information in the body. Purslane, chia, and walnuts are high in ALA as well. Quite interesting enough cannabis seeds come in many flavours, even though due to the controverse revolving around these seeds there has not nearly been enough experimenting with these.

Don’t Forget Fresh Produce

No one will argue about the benefits of fresh produce. Chili peppers are high in vitamin C, promoting alertness, the immune system, and boosting the nervous system as well. Opt for starchy foods like potatoes to make memories last as sugar glucose energizes the brain. Pumpkin seeds contain iron, an oxygen booster for the brain. There are a host of fruits and vegetables that benefit the brain.