Marijuana Dispensary Produces Hash Oil Chocolate Spread

Nugtella is a new spread that’s causing quite a bit of conversation outside of what type of bread you should use. First of all, Nugtella won’t land on your typical grocery store shelf anytime soon. It was created by Organicares, a medical marijuana dispensary. They boast the product as an official food made by patients for patients. Headquartered in California, the dispensary developed a spread that is chock full of chocolate hazelnut in combination with hash oil.

nugtellaOf course, finding a way to make one’s favourite recreation a part of their meal(s) is nothing new. Slipping the good weed into cupcakes, brownies, even Mac and cheese, has been a hobby for many a stoner dating back to Cheech & Chong (maybe before that?). Nugtella may be planning a line of products in this manner. They also sell medical marijuana peanut butter, in chunky form, no less. On their Instagram pages, Organicare encourages the use of Nugtella on cookies, brownies and funnel cake. Naturally, there’s always the opportunity to enjoy it on a spoon or straight from the finger.

…And college universities everywhere rejoiced!

Right now the product will only be available to people with California State Medical Marijuana Cards. It’s said that a similar product will be available in the state of Massachusetts once they open their first medical marijuana dispensaries. It will likely be a generic brand. Rules set by that state’s Department of Public Health make it quite clear that the packaging and labeling of marijuana meet specific guidelines. It must always be packaged in opaque, plain and tamper- and child-proof containers. There can be no images, cartoons or any other depictions other than a dispensary logo. More specifically, edible marijuana items may not resemble a commercially available candy. That covers any chocolate, nut, fruit, honey or other sweetened product that comes in bar form, drops or pieces.

While Nugtella has no association with the original Nutella, its packaging does resemble the product produced by the Nutella Ferrero company. In fact, the containers have the same basic shape and size. Nugtella also uses the red, black and white color scheme of the Nutella logo.

Curiously, this is a sound alternative for individuals that would rather not smoke marijuana. The question is, taking into account the concentration of the drug in a single spoon of the spread compared to that in a single marijuana cigarette, how many sandwiches would a patient have to eat before they’ve met their prescribed doses? Medical cannabis is said to be a lot more potent compared to most variaties of homegrown cannabis. Considering the calories and carbs one can expect from the likes of bread and other doughy products, is Nugtella a threat to a patient’s waistline?

Another query that needs to be addressed is that since chocolate-laden snacks can be the preferred food of choice after one has indulged in their prescription and Nugtella is a prescription-laden chocolate snack, does that make Nugtella a paradox? Or is it the greatest food product in the history of anything?

Only the scholars at Pinterest can tell us for sure.

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