No. 12 Picardy Place: A Playhouse for Edinburgh’s Elite

Housed in a gorgeous Georgian townhouse, customers at No. 12 Picardy Place (formerly the well-known cocktail bar Hawke & Hunter) are first greeted into a stunning foyer where a winding staircase leads them up to the dark-wood old-fashioned whiskey bar, where well-dressed clientele enjoy the classy ambience of an upscale boutique lounge.

Located in fashionable New Town, Edinburgh, on the corner of Broughton and Leith Walk, No. 12 Picardy Place is more than just a late-night club. With a fine dining restaurant owned and operated by renowned award-winning chef Mark Greenaway, an outdoor garden, and a fashionable hotel housed inside, No. 12 Picardy Place has become the number one gathering spot for the high society of Edinburgh. This venue has truly outdone itself: from the impeccable service to the details in the turn-of-the-century d├ęcor, not one detail is spared when it comes to luxury here.