Soylent; not Gourmet, but World-Changing

imagesRecently a new food has emerged on the world market, or should we say food supplement. Soylent is a lab based powder (to be mixed with either water or oil) that claims to provide the human body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are important for growth and survival. It has no taste and is made from maltodextrin, rice protein, oat flour, canola oil, fish oil, and raw chemical powders.

Rob Rhinehart

Rob Rhinehart is a software engineer that created the world changing food supplement. His dream was to make a food that did not need time, money and effort that is usually associated with food, but still supply all the human body’s daily nutritional needs. Rhinehart has been testing and improving his formula since May 2013, and with a lot of trial and error he feels that he has the perfect formula.

Drastic Change

If Soylent is accepted by the general public and sold in grocery stores, companies around the world that deal in foods as well as restaurants could see sharp declines in revenue. It is unclear though weather this will be the case as Soylent is still a debated food supplement. Some claim that although Rhinehart has found the best solution for himself, every human body digests and absorbs food differently. This could cause it to be effective in some cases, and less in others. Whatever the outcome will be, it is an affordable and semi-trustworthy supplement that could still see improvements and be introduced into global markets.