3 Tips for Enjoyable Eating

Eating better doesn’t just mean watching your sugar and calorie count. Eating should be an enjoyable event that boosts your mental and physical well-being. Here are three tips you should consider when you face your next strike of hunger:

1. Relax and chew

blrfinediningThis might seem ridiculous but many miss the enjoyment of tasting their food when they are caught up in conversation or distracted by hunger. Slow down and allow your brain to absorb the flavors and aroma of your meal. Slowing down will keep your stomach from feeling hungry when it shouldn’t be; allowing your brain to have time to realize you don’t need more food will keep you from overeating.

2. Don’t base your eating on your emotions

Boredom, sadness or stress often causes us to eat when we aren’t really hungry. By setting specific times to eat meals—and not allowing emotions to change these times—you can cut back on the unnecessary snacking and enjoy meal times.

3.Choose the right environment for dining

Establishments that inspire and offer healthy and luxurious menu options are places that will encourage you to enjoy and pay attention to what you are eating. The goal isn’t to stay away from all food, but to seek out good food and enjoy every bite.